At the beggining I would like to thank you all my readers! Now I have over 400 followers and I am more motivated when I see a don’t do it only for myself.
After adding new posts I always say to myself that next time I will post pictures that were taken before my trip do Egypt. 
Then it comes another time and I just think it’s better to show new photos. Ehh so next time I’m gonna do that.
This outfit is really simple and perfect for hot weather. When I go to school (I spend there like bigger part of my day) I need to wear something comfortable and sutiable for weather, but it has also to be appropriate. I don’ think I’ve ever said this on my blog, but my school is the worst building to spend summer days. 
The roof is like in a glasshouse and whole the sun is getting inside. Honestly I can’t stand it.

Is Tropical – The Greeks