As you know, I’ve been wearing Invisalign aligners for quite a while now, so it’s finally the time I’m finishing my treatment! It makes now a perfect moment to share my final thoughts about this solution and tell you a little bit about its pros and cons. #SmileSquad #Ad

1. My Dental Clinic

As I mentioned before in one of previous posts – my treatment was conducted by Dr Ćićkiewicz @dr_cickiewicz from Dental Fraternity and that was definitely a good choice. He’s definitely a full professional that really cares about your comfort (and helps you when you loose your aligners). 

It’s always best to make a little research before picking your final doctor, since the whole treatment takes some time and you’ll be visiting them quite often. To make it even easier, you can find a full list of Invisalign clinics on their website.


2. Comfort

I don’t think there’s any more comfortable teeth straightening solution! One thing is that the aligners are almost invisible and the other – you just take the aligners out and you can eat and drink anything! It’s undeniably a great advantage for every foodie out there. Obviously, sometimes it’s harder to bite since the teeth may hurt a little bit if you’ve had the aligners on for a long time, but that proves they actually work! Personally, the light pain after taking the aligners off was really satisfying and motivating for me.


3. Versatility

What’s great about Invisalign aligners is that they can be widely used! My problem was actually pretty basic as I wanted to simply align the teeth together, but it’s great for the majority of malocclusions, from slight misalignment to more dramatic transformations. It means that in most cases it’s possible for you to try Invisalign as these are custom-made especially to meet your needs.


4. Attachments 

I admit that I was skeptical about the attachments at first (the ones they put on your teeth to keep the aligners in place), but I got used to them so quickly that I simply forgot about having them on. There’s absolutely no discomfort and these are barely visible, so don’t worry about your smile looking weird!

=These are probably one of the most important aspects when choosing you dental straightening technique and I hope that helps you in this process! In my opinion it’s totally worth it – before Invisalign I thought my smile wasn’t bad, but now I see a great difference. I’m glad I decided to be a part of the #SmileSquad and had this opportunity!